The Implants Project

So it transpires that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists have rallied journalists all over Europe to launch a co-ordinated project. They’ve spent over a year looking into all kinds of implanted medical devices, the regulation around them, how they are brought to market, and how adverse event data is collected and acted upon.

The results are pretty shocking  – none of the Essure group admins had heard the Orange Bag tale before. Is that really how little human life is worth? Well, stacked up against a $400bn industry, it seems so.

Several of us get to tell our tales thanks to the Guardian, and one of our number is featured in a film.

Huge thanks must go to the makers of the Netflix doc The Bleeding Edge; a frightening expose into the US side of the industry. It’s not just Essure that causes issues – we’re talking about lifesavers like pacemakers, artificial joints, hernia repair mesh – it is all governed by the same regulations – the same ones that govern the safety of your kettle, your kids’ toys, your makeup…

Not to mention tomorrow’s Panorama tackling the same issues, a Guardian podcast coming on Tuesday, tomorrow morning’s Victoria Derbyshire show – we’re busy bees!







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