The group grows

Well, it’s been a while since I updated, but I can report that the UK Facebook group is up to 600+ members with new ladies still joining, two years after Essure was removed from the market. Whilst the group admins are happy that ladies are finding us, it’s sad that it’s taken some of them this long to make the connection between ongoing health problems and the possibility that Essure might be contributing to it.

We’re seeing doctors’ attitudes improving – I genuinely believe that the resources available on this site and on the FB group help ladies to address their GPs in terms that they can understand and act upon. However we stil regularly have reports of GPs and gynaecologists ignoring or belittling patients’ research and suggestions, and that’s infuriating. I can’t imagine many other conditions where you’d have to do quite so much homework just to get yourself taken seriously.

If that’s you, SPEAK UP. Shout out loud. Write to everyone you can think of – your CCG, the hospital, the practice manager, the head of department, PALS, your MP, the Health Secretary. Join the FB page and ask for advice and support. Don’t be cowed by authority.

Group case – SPG Law are still collating litigants’ data. This is all going to take time to do properly, but weight of numbers is what will swing it for us. If you’re not in on it, why not? Nothing to lose by trying.

Keep on going.

Alison x


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