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Claire’s Story

I can honestly say it was worse than childbirth.

My name is Claire.

I was implanted with Essure in January 2015.

I wasn’t given any information on the implant, such as the complications it could cause. I was just told it was an easy procedure that would take 20 minutes, and I could go back to work the following day.

They advised me to take 2 paracetamol and Ibruprofen an hour beforehand. It took place in a side room in the hospital, with other people sitting in the waiting room next door. Three nurses were around the bed. My legs were in stirrups and they just told me to take deep breaths. I was shaking.

I can honestly say it was worse than childbirth. I had to go sit in another room afterwards, as I was white, feeling sick and dizzy, shaking… I was a shivering wreck, and in excruciating pain.

Three months down the line I was in absolute agony with pains in my abdomen and pain down my legs . I went to my local A&E as I thought I had appendicitis. It never crossed my mind to think it could be Essure related. All my tests came back clear.

None of the doctors knew what Essure was – they had never heard of it. I felt like I was going mad.

He told me the Essure had come out of my left fallopian tube.

I was eventually given a transvaginal scan, which was sent to the gynaecologist that placed the Essure to start with. He phoned me the next day after receiving the scan and told me that the Essure had come out of my left fallopian tube.

So in July 2015 I had to have both my fallopian tubes removed . I didn’t have any periods at all for 7 months, then all of sudden I was bleeding so heavily every two weeks – it was horrendous. In September 2016 my periods stopped totally; I haven’t had one since and it’s now April.

My GP thinks I’m going through early menopause. I’m only 40.

My blood results are showing I have really low oestrogen levels and very low testorone levels – “lower than low”, he said. So I am now waiting to see a specialist.

I feel lethargic. I have no energy whatsoever, and I’m so run down.  I’m on anxiety tablets. I get constant water infections. I get hot sweats, itchy skin, weight gain and forgetfulness.

I haven’t taken legal action as I don’t know who will take the case on.

It’s shocking and unbelievable what all us women have gone through. A few weeks after having Essure I did some more research and read all the comments. I was so shocked and thought “what have I done?”. I was so upset .