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Lisa’s Story

They were unable to control the horrendous vaginal bleeding…

Lisa, from Stockton-on-Tees

In 2013 I decided to get sterilized as I was to be 40.

I had managed to get down to 10 stone for the celebration as my eldest was to be 21 and we were having a joint celebration. I have 4 daughters and my youngest was starting full-time school around the same time.

The procedure was very painful. I asked for pain relief throughout and was told it was pointless as it would be over quickly. After the procedure I felt fine, I must admit that; no problems and I just put it all to the back of my mind.  When I got letter to go for the HSG test I was surprised as I had forgotten about the procedure.

Tests came back that I was sterile and I just forget all about it again. This procedure took place in September.

In February I decided to stop smoking,cold turkey. It was awful coping but I did. 2 months later I started having bowel trouble: uncomfortable uncontrollable bowel movements with so much blood I thought I was dying.I went to the doctor and was told it was my body reacting to nicotine withdrawal!

I was given medication and sent for camera, up and down.The pain around my midsection was unbearable: I couldn’t sleep or eat yet my weight was creeping on.This continued for a year, me believing that all my problems were attributed to quitting smoking.

I was then told it may be gall bladder. The day I had the scan, I had to lay flat on my back which I couldn’t usually due to pain, and during the procedure I passed out. They were unable to control the horrendous vaginal bleeding and I was admitted as they thought I was having a miscarriage.

I was talking to one of the ladies when I was a bit better on the ward, and saying that I couldn’t have been pregnant as I was sterilized. It was her who then first alerted me to the Essure reports as she had researched it. The penny dropped and I was overwhelmed.

The consultant was brought to the ward and dismissed my claims, and I was discharged with the symptoms of menopause. I asked to be referred back to implanting team. The implanting doctor had left and the one I saw put me on prostap which was awful. After this made me worse, and taking an overdose of tramadol (accidentally), the implanting doctor was contacted.

I had a hysterectomy the next week. All symptoms disappeared immediately, only I can’t shift the 5 stone I put on. A year on, still fat but feel great.