Downloadable resources including letters you can take to your doctor, side effects, and links to support groups online

Essure Information Sheet Full of useful stuff – including stipulations for using an HSG scan after 3 months, and contraindications. This is the info sheet supplied with every Essure kit. For in depth info see the Physician’s training manual below (in two parts as this is a large pdf file)

Essure Physician’s Manual Part One

Essure Physician’s Manual Part Two

Materials used in Essure’s construction

Essure Radiology Protocol  Useful information if your radiographer or gynaecologist is unsure of imaging for Essure

Essure recognised side effects List of recognised side effects taken directly from the Physician’s manual

Essure reported side effects Reported side effects (printable pdf of side effects reported by women in support groups worldwide)

Information on Essure positioning grades (printable pdf)

Letter from Dr Novoa A letter from US gynaecologist Dr Julio Novoa, that you can print off and take to your GP or gynaecologist

MHRA Yellow card scheme for formally reporting problems with medical devices

UK E-sister blog Personal blog written by one of our number, a mum and fellow Essure victim

Solicitors: These aren’t recommendations and we don’t know for sure who will take on Essure related cases, it’s a minefield – but these links may give you a place to start

Online support groups:

Life After Essure UK Support Group – Facebook group for UK

Essure Problems – FB Support Group for E-sisters worldwide – mostly american members, full of useful info.

Problems With Essure UK and Ireland  – another UK and Ireland FB group

Post Essure Auto Immune Symptoms – FB group for those suffering with auto-immune issues e.g. Lupus