Considering legal action after suffering side-effects from Essure You have two options: either a claim against the manufacturer for product liability, or a claim against the NHS authority where your Essure was implanted (generally as a medical negligence claim).

Product liability claims can be tricky and remember you’re up against a huge pharmaceutical firm and their legal team. Sometimes claims of this type are best handled in numbers, so a group of sufferers take on the manufacturer. This is known as a “class action” in the US. There’s been talk of this happening in the UK but we’ve yet to hear much detail about it.

Solicitors we’ve been in touch with, or have published Essure related articles, are listed below. These aren’t recommendations and we can’t be 100% sure they’ll take your case, or on what terms. But it might be a place to start…

Leigh Day

Irwin Mitchell


Slater Gordon

Bolt Burdon Kemp

Bridge McFarland