Daily Mail article – our London meeting looms!

Well, we’re almost there – a dedicated band of E-sisters are off to London on Friday, to meet with Baroness Cumberledge. We’re hoping that she will agree to add Essure to her review of UK medical device legislation.

To that end, Lois at the Daily Mail has published a short article today. Some of the comments are rather irritating – the suggestions that we’re in this for compensation (1, we wish! and 2, we’d be lucky), or that we’ve brought it upon ourselves somehow by “messing with nature”, but we’ll dismiss that as yer garden variety trolling.

Of course we’ve tried FOI requests on figures, but the MHRA won’t release any data to us or even to the BBC who have made at least three attempts, and appealed as well.

The more exposure we get, the better – because by sharing our stories like this, we hope to reach women who may not realise that Essure could be responsible for all kinds of issues.