Medical Device Scandal

Right then, buckle up folks. Monday 24th Nov is going to be busy.

Panorama on BBC1, 8pm on Monday night – The Great Medical Devices Scandal.

Panorama, esteemed BBC1 investigative current affairs show, is devoting an episode towards the medical devices industry, how it’s regulated (or not!) and what happens when things go wrong… This is going to be major for Essure ladies. If they mention Essure by name (and I suspect they will), then this is going to give us so much exposure. Sadly, it may mean that a lot of ladies who have suffered health issues since having Essure fitted, and haven’t yet made the connection, will be driven to seek answers. So, if that’s you, please please find the support groups on Facebook, check out the stories here, and know that you’re not alone.

To run alongside of this, The Guardian are also running a feature on medical devices which is also going to press on Monday. Add to that another of our E-Sisters will be featured on the Victoria Derbyshire show on Monday morning.

Awareness is growing.

We *will* be heard, and we’re not going away.


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